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September 29, 2016 7:40 pm

Father of West Point Graduate Killed in Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack: Palestinian Authority Use of American Funding to Reward Terrorists Must Be Stopped

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Taylor Force, who was murdered in a Palestinian stabbing attack in Tel Aviv in March 2016. Photo: Facebook.

Taylor Force, who was murdered in a Palestinian stabbing attack in Tel Aviv in March 2016. Photo: Facebook.

The father of an American tourist who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in a Tel Aviv stabbing attack earlier this year told The Algemeiner on Thursday that he was appreciative that new proposed legislation that would restrict US funding for the Palestinian Authority was named after his late son.

“We’re honored, but of course it also makes us very sad,” Stuart Force, who, accompanied by his wife Robbi, traveled from South Carolina to Washington, DC to attend the press conference on Wednesday at which the Taylor Force Act was introduced by Republican Senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Dan Coats (Indiana) and Roy Blunt (Missouri). “Anytime legislation has a person’s name on it, it’s generally not a good thing.”

28-year-old Taylor Force — a West Point graduate who served in Afghanistan and Iraq — was visiting Israel in March on a spring break trip organized by Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management when he was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist on the Tel Aviv beach promenade.

“He had finished the military and was ready to enjoy life and then this happened out of the blue,” Force’s father said.

Earlier this week, Graham told The Algemeiner that the purpose of the proposed legislation — which would cut off US funding to the Palestinian Authority if it continues to pay monetary rewards to terrorists and their families — was to “start a debate that is long overdue.”

“We’ve got to go ahead and put sunlight on this problem,” Graham said. “The PA incentivizes young Palestinians to commit acts of terror…I hope Congress will understand that this is inconsistent with the two-state solution and that we’ll build support [for the legislation] over time…There has to come a point of awakening here within Palestinian society. I want the Palestinians to make a decision as to what kind of people they are going to be.”

As written, the bill requires “the secretary of state to certify to Congress the Palestinian Authority is taking credible steps to end acts of violence against United States and Israeli citizens that are perpetrated by individuals under its jurisdictional control.”

Furthermore, it calls on the Palestinian Authority to “publicly condemn such acts of violence” and take steps to “investigate and cooperate in investigations bringing perpetrators to justice.”

And finally, the bill says the Palestinian Authority must end “payments for acts of terrorism against United States and Israeli citizens to any individual who has been imprisoned after being convicted of terrorist acts, to any individual who died committing a terrorist act, or to family members of such individuals.”

Speaking with The Algemeiner on Thursday, Stuart Force said, “The bottom line is that the situation is degenerating over there and it’s time to address the issue.”

Force said the half a year since his son’s death has been an “emotional rollercoaster” for the family.

“One  thing that was really helpful to Robbi and I was not only did people from all over the world send us sympathy cards, but almost everyone — including strangers we had never met — also included a story about how Taylor had positively influenced them,” he said. “Taylor was a person — and this is not me as father talking, but rather what we’ve been told by others — who people were better off for having known. That makes my wife and I feel pretty good.”

Watch a video of Wednesday’s press conference at which the Taylor Force Act was introduced below:

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  • Stephen E Hughes

    According to a recent ruling by US Courts (and US State Department) Americans killed by Arab Palestinians in and around Yisrael is not an act of terrorism against Americans, since Arab Palestinians are targeting Israelis.. and the Americans just happen to get in the way (so to speak) REALLY ? In reality this means American Jews are not Americas according to the court ruling and US State Department. The Hamas to the Palestinian authority and other Arab Palestinian groups , have proclaimed they want to kill every Jew in the world, this means American Jews as well. Carefully crafted anti-Semitism, so why aren’t American Jews outraged ?

  • YJ Draiman

    Israel is facing an Arab mentality that cannot be bridged
    United Nations’ recommended a second division of The Mandate for Palestine (first division was giving over three quarters of Jewish territory for the new Arab Palestinian State of Jordan in 1922) of Palestine (I stress recommended, not mandated and it is not enforceable if the parties do not agree, therefore, it is null and void, since the Arabs rejected it) Resolution 181 that established a timetable and method for the recommended partitioning of Palestine aka The Land of Israel in two parts (the Jews accepted it and the Arabs emphatically refused to accept it). On the part of Jewish leadership and as the vote in late 1947 for partition loomed with continued violence between the nationalities, a final effort was made by Jewish Agency representatives to meet with the Arab League Secretary and forge a peaceful execution of reorganization. Their response from Secretary Azzam Pasha was: …

    “The Arab world is not in a compromising mood”.

    It’s likely… that your plan is rational and logical, but the fate of nations is not decided by rational logic. Nations never concede; they fight.
    You won’t get anything by peaceful means or compromise.
    (This Arab policy has not changed even after losing 4 wars. That is why all of Israel’s appeasements, concessions and compromises have not worked in achieving peace and will never work against such mentality.
    The Arabs are promoting and teaching their children to hate and commit terror and violence, they honor terrorists and suicide bombers).
    You can, perhaps, get something, but only by the force of your arms.
    We shall try to defeat you, with the force of our Armies. I am not sure we’ll succeed, but we’ll try.
    We were able to drive out the Crusaders with the help of the Jews, but on the other hand we lost Spain and Persia. It may be that we shall lose Palestine. But it’s too late to talk of peaceful solutions….
    Thus, the Arabs lost the 1948 war and Israel thrived, against all odds. The Arabs lost three more wars against Israel; in the 1956 Sinai Campaign, the 1967 six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. After each war, Israel became stronger and more innovative. It was a choice between survival and extinction. All the while during these years Israel resettled the million Jewish families terrorized and expelled from Arab countries; whose all their assets were confiscated; businesses, home and over 120,000 sq, km. of Jewish owned land for over 2,300 years.
    You would think; that the Arabs by now will have learned their lesson, and change direction, start pursuing co-existence, which will benefit both parties with an enormous economic development and a better standard of living, better schools, better healthcare, better housing and boost to moral.
    “It is Harder to Make Peace Than to Make War”.
    “A Unified Israel is a Strong Israel”.
    YJ Draiman

    • Lynne Marton

      You said it all in the the first line of your comment. And this is the error that all in the Western World keep on making, because it’s not only Israel that faces this.
      We – the Western World – keep thinking that we and they – the Arabs – share a common mentality – that you can talk to them, reason with them, come to a compromise. Nothing could be further from the truth.
      And therein lies the problem. They have nothing in common with us – mentality, goals for the future. They have a vision that is totally alien to our way of thinking. A tunnel vision that only accepts light from one source – their end game. And that being complete and utter capitulation by the enemy – all of us – and victory for them. And the fact that Hamas and other terrorist groups are in existence with the sole purpose of annihilating us – the Jewish people – and wiping Israel from the face of the earth really needs to be taken seriously. They have refused all offers – they will not even meet with Bibi, and they have stated that they have no intention of doing so. And with all the money they are getting, they are able to get arms, fund and reward their terrorists, and get all the good stuff that Israel is giving them too!! Why should they even begin to think differently?
      IMHO, this is why there has not been peace up until now, and why it seems like a pipe dream as long as they exist.
      I do sincerely hope and pray that this Bill does get passed – I really do. Maybe it would stop them from at least some of the terrorism!!

  • Peter Joffe

    Whatever opportunity that Democrats get, they fund terrorism. They are funding hatred that WILL be trurned against them.

  • watsa46

    US & EU fund antisemitic NGOs. A reflection on perennial Western antisemitism.

  • Introducing the Taylor Force Act was the first step in the legislative process. To make the Taylor Force Act a law, the President would sign it. However, the President could do nothing, and it would become law after a period of time. If the President vetoes the Taylor Force Act, Congress can override the veto, if there is a 2/3 majority.

  • C.R.

    America has done much harm to Israel for many decades–and has deliberately funded and promoted Muslim Arab violence against Israel. Even worse–so has the Israeli government! They refuse to properly deal with Muslim Arab terrorists–they continue coddling them. When Jews reject God–they embrace all manner of wickedness.

  • Efram Paul

    Good luck with that. If, by some miracle, Trump is elected president, then I think it will happen. But as long as our ‘leader’ is on the side of the terrorists, congress will need to pass it by 2/3 to get it past the traitor.