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September 29, 2016 12:23 pm

Report: Tenured Holocaust Denying Professor Asked by Canadian University to Resign, Following Outcry by Jewish Group

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University of Lethbridge professor Anthony Hall in a video called 'Why Do You Support Open Debate on the Holocaust?'.Photo: YouTube Screenshot.

University of Lethbridge professor Anthony Hall, in a video called ‘Why Do You Support Open Debate on the Holocaust?’ Photo: YouTube/Screenshot.

After years of complaints about his antisemitic rhetoric, a tenured professor at Canada’s University of Lethbridge is reportedly being asked to resign.

Professor Anthony Hall — who supports “open debate” on the Holocaust and has blamed Israel for the 9/11 terror attacks — told The American Herald Tribune, a website he helps run, that he was asked to step down after Jewish advocacy group B’nai Brith Canada urged the university to launch an investigation into his behavior.

“If the University of Lethbridge allows Hall to continue teaching, it would demonstrate complete disrespect for true scholarship and the values of the academy,” Amanda Hohmann, national director of B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights, told The Algemeiner on Thursday. “When a professor is allowed to abuse the academic stage in order to promote antisemitism and crackpot conspiracy theories, it brings the entire university and discipline into disrepute.” 

Hall — a co-host of the YouTube program “False Flag Weekly News,” which promotes conspiracy theories about Zionists and Jews — has come under fire in the past for his spread of antisemitic and anti-Israel sentiment. In June, Lethbridge defended Hall’s right to do so, on academic freedom grounds.

According to anonymous reviews of his classes by students, Hall “basically abuses the stage he receives as a ‘teacher’” and “would rather spread his misguided views than actually teach a class.”  One student said that “anyone who does not believe in the 9/11 conspiracy should not take this class.”

Hohmann told The Algemeiner that her organization “has been following Hall’s public statements for over a year, since he accompanied American 9/11 conspiracy theorist Kevin Barrett on his Canadian speaking tour.”

Hall further “appeared on our radar,” Hohmann said, for his “full-throated public defense of Nikolaos Balaskas,” a York University lab technologist who, as reported by The Algemeiner, was fired from his position for a slew of antisemitic and anti-Zionist social-media postings.

Responding to B’nai Brith Canada’s calls for an investigation, Michael Mahon, president and vice chancellor of Lethbridge, issued the following statement:

Recently there has been significant public commentary and media coverage regarding the online activities and some of the personal views held by Dr. Anthony Hall. The University has received numerous inquiries and expressions of concern regarding Dr. Hall’s activities, views and teachings in the classroom. As we are able, we have attempted to respond to those inquiries.

The University recognizes the serious nature of these concerns and can confirm that we are actively engaged with this issue. As an employer however, the University is bound by privacy obligations and cannot provide specific commentary or details on any human resource action undertaken with regards to any employee of the University.

We can say unequivocally that Dr. Hall does not speak on behalf of the University or its faculty, staff and students. The University of Lethbridge is an inclusive and welcoming place of research, learning, creative activity and engagement for all members of the community. As an community we condemn any communication that promotes hatred, discrimination or violence to any individual or group.

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  • wake up

    jwo oppression

  • Patrick Smith

    I don’t get it. Somebody posted something offensive on a public Facebook page, and the administrator of the page (Hall, apparently) saw the post and deleted it. Offensive comments are posted all the time on all kinds of sites and are removed when spotted by administrators. Hall did not post or endorse the offensive comment. Why is this a story?

    • Erica Ling

      You must be commenting on a different article ?

  • What’s wrong with these people? Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he would kill as many drug addicts and dealers as Hitler’s Jewish victims? What’s the correlation? Here is a “Professor” teaching students that Holocaust, which Germany and Germans accept regretfully and shamefully, didn’t happen, and that too for many years! There is a British “Historian” doing the same non-sense! It is Antisemitism absorbed into the moral tissues of these wretched people, and nothing else that makes them utter/publish such rubbish!

  • Just_a_man

    His student rating is poor, most comments are like this one: Tony is extremely biased. I think it is OK to have your own beliefs, and
    to even teach different theories, but you cannot tell people that they
    are wrong just because they disagree with you. This class has no
    structure, and isn’t designed to help the students. It is designed to
    feed Tony’s ego

  • Kevin Fulsom

    We must support Prof Hall’s right to free speech and freedom of opinion. Besides, do your research. You might be surprised what the historical revisionist school has uncovered. The facts on the “holocaust” are far from settled.

    • wake up

      Far from settled, however protected by law in almost all the European countries

  • Bruce Kugler

    Such professors, people in general, have always been around. The only difference now is a lessening of the taboo about voicing their views in public places, due to the contagion of anti Israel attitudes, and resentment of Jews, who are blamed for “making” the world feel guilty about the Shoah. These are weather balloons to test out how far such people can go. If Jews are offended, then they are blamed for their response as well, so we get it twice. The second insult, that Jews should not find it offensive, and turning around and attacking us, is always reinforcement of the questionable intentions of the first, never mind the actual denial of facts. The less we speak up and feel intimidated by this process of instilling guilt and shame when we try to defend ourselves, the more we strengthen the possibility of substituting the lie for truth.

  • Erica Ling

    Am I alone in feeling that headlines like this”….Professor ….Asked by ….University to Resign , Following Outcry by Jewish Group” repeated so often at so many locations (only the names change ), feed into the “Jews control the world ” hysteria ?Even Lethbridge concedes that ” there has been significant public commentary and media coverage…” “the University has received numerous inquiries and expressions of concern regarding Dr. Hall’s activities, views and teachings. ” All Jewish ? Most people do not read further than the headlines.

    • Tzanchan77

      Nonsense. People who believe this, will think that anyway. We need to fight these scumbags any way we can.

      • Erica Ling

        The headline is more usually seen on the NY Times or UK Independent, From Algemeiner we expect more discernment. Fight ? Hell yes ! But not a la Charge of the Light Brigade.

  • Hilltop Watchman

    Why is Hall being “asked to resign”? Considering the undoubted evidence and facts that he has not only abused his tenure, he has dragged Lethbridge’s reputation through the mud, he should be loudly denounced as the vile fascist he is and publicly SACKED. Now that would “send a message” that there is a world of difference between”academic freedom”and the promulgation and promotion of poisonous lies.

  • Peter Joffe

    Where do we find evil men such as this brainless ‘professor’? And he is an important teacher in the University. Why does he not advocate the burning of all books about Jews and about Israel as Hitler would have done. Perhaps he does the idiot.

    • bcguy

      What if i dont like your views, what if i slammed you but never spent anytime in his class, yet you call him evil, how is he evil and you are not.

      This is not about his views, it is about his and our rights under the charter, we are to have free speech, regardless if we agree or not. this very same free speech you just used to call him EVIL.

      To be “brainless” would be to deny anyone of the same rights we all enjoy, its the very fabric democracy is built from.

    • garybkatz

      They find us.

  • Efram Paul

    Why doesn’t he just move to California? They will be delighted to have him create a ‘history’ from his warped perception. And, I am sure, he would be granted instant tenure.

    • Asher B. Garber

      I like to challenge racists by basing my arguments on stupid stereotypes, too!

  • watsa46

    Metastatic antisemitism essentially in the regions where the three religions (Christianity, Islam, Secularism) are dominant! The rest of humanity cares little! These three “religions” reflect 100% on their own believers. Very, very sad!

    • arturo

      Christianity and Islam both usurped the basis of Judaism. Since then, they have been trying to slaughter the Jews.

  • BradD99

    Hey guys, you should watch your punctuation in these headlines. And fix it in this article’s headline.

    It should be: Holocaust-denying professor

    Not: Holocaust denying professor.

    • ScottAdler

      Thank you, good sir. Without the hyphen, the headline is misleading.

      I had thought that I was the last person in the world who cared about such things.