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November 9, 2016 11:01 am

What Trump’s Presidency Will Spell for Israel and Jewish Concerns

avatar by Dovid Efune

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President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Photo: Wikipedia.

President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Photo: Wikipedia.

It’s being hailed as the greatest upset in modern political history. But, in truth, the election of billionaire businessman Donald Trump should have come as no surprise to the careful observer.

Brewing in the heart of the United States, among the disenfranchised working class, has been a growing resentment of the country’s political elites — their arrogance, condescension, political overreach and imposed political correctness. On Tuesday, the American voter left no doubt as to who was in charge.

Among the many significant positions taken by President Barack Obama in opposition to the will of the electorate have been his stance on relations with Israel and his approach to the Iranian regime.

Trump has promised to change all that, and chances are that he will, significantly so. We will likely see an end to the current administration’s deliberate “daylight” policy towards the Jewish state, and the rightful return of Obama-aligned fringe groups like J-Street to the political margins. The Trump campaign has promised to respond harshly to the UN’s outrageous behavior towards Israel, and to investigate organized anti-Israel hate groups on campus. A Trump administration is also likely to show far more respect for the will of the Israeli public on matters of peacemaking.

Despite the occasional comment on the campaign trail, Trump has consistently expressed his affection for the Jewish state over almost four decades. True, he has much to learn about the intricacies — and in some cases the basics — of Middle East geopolitics. But, as president, he will have an army of agencies at his disposal to help with the education process.

With regard to the Islamic Republic, despite bold assertions in the regime-controlled media that “we don’t really care” who the next president will be, Trump’s victory undoubtedly has overwhelmed the mullahs with trepidation. Welcome news indeed. Rest assured, we will now begin to see a different, more conciliatory tone from Tehran, effective immediately.

Finally, if Trump is to make good on his acceptance speech promise to “bind the wounds of division” and bring Americans “together as one united people,” his first point of order to ease the sensitivities of the US Jewish community, especially the 71% who voted for Hillary Clinton, should be to allay fears over the rise of white supremacism in the US.

To be sure, though Trump is surely no antisemite, a certain brand of parasitic Jew-hater — the cowardly kind, the kind that hides in the anonymous shadows of social media and preys on unsuspecting journalists with Jewish last names — has firmly latched onto his coattails. Were he to sharply kick them to the curb on his way into the Oval Office, it would lay the groundwork for a broad and constructive relationship with all major Jewish groups throughout the course of his presidency.

Dovid Efune is the editor-in-chief and director of The Algemeiner.

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  • Bishadi

    More Jews live here in the America’s than in israel. That will help with the better half of the argument. What Trump needs to learn is the difference of Judaism and Zionism. Kind of like how Obama knows what ISIL is, versus the media rhetoric of ISIS.

  • jobacon

    “Trump has promised to change all that, and chances are that he will, significantly so.” Significantly? So he is going to get the steel mills and the coal mines prospering again? In your dreams! P.T. Barnum was right when he said that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. The horrible part is that Clinton actually won the vote! It was only the totally undemocratic system of the electoral college that destroyed her. One thing is for sure: a hell of a lot of Americans are going to be disappointed and bitterly regret voting for Trump when they find out that he is NOT going to be able to revive the steel mills and coal mines.

  • Peter Joffe

    It goes to show that if you send most of your time digging in the trash can, to find dirt on your opponent you are likely to lose sight of your true goal. Hillary Clinton covered herself in so much dirt that it smothered her. May she rest in peace. Hopefully Trump will leave her alone to spend her time regretting her hate filled camplaign.

  • Pinchas Baram

    you are asking Trump to condemn whites who are racist and anti-semitic. let’s separate the two.

    1) what about whites who say, white lives matter? are you asking Trump to condemn them? why? or are only blacks entitled to say, black lives matter and Not be accused of racism?

    2) a rich jewish putz named dustin moscowitz age 32 gives 35 MILLION dollars to Hillary; then there’s Soros and sundry Jewish hollywood celebs who also do everything to denounce Trump,; and then there are the old commie front of brooklyn jews (see jewish forward, jewish currents) and the younger millenial socialist jews linked to bernie sanders. all of these are delicious bait which feeds anti-semites. it’s like a big free meal for them, Jew haters can–justifiably!– say, look at these jews, they are leading the pack against Trump, damn them all!

    and yet you are asking Trump to denounce white Xians, who oppose all these Jewish subversives, who are demonizing Trump?

    my point: Jews not Trump should be the first to denounce these Jewish subversives, just as moderate moslems should denounce jihadis. for Jews to condemn white racists/anti-semites without first cleaning up our own backyard, for Jews to ask Trump or anyone else to do this dirty work for them,
    is neither fair nor logical.

    David Efune, your conclusions are too simplistic, please rethink them. best regards….

  • After President-elect Trump’s first 100-hundred days, Israel and the U.S. Jewish community will be able to accurately analyze trends. As for Iran, the 45th U.S President must allow the U.S. Navy to sink any Iranian “Tidy Bowl” boats that fire on U.S. warships.

  • Dar al Israel

    This editor over estimated the under current if supposed anti Semitism among a sliver of Trump supporters. By contrast it was quite plain to see Israel flag burning out the Dem convention and a sea of “Palestine” flags inside the Dem convention. Remember all the BDS supporters for Dem Bernie Sanders? A big sigh of relief as help as come for thE Jews again from yet another non Jewish New York Republican, in the mold of Rudy Giuliani , Al DAmato, Pete King, George Pataki and the list goes on. With such awesome examples of proIsrael Repubs what the f— is wrong with most Jews who vote for Dems who hate Israel? Answer: a stiff necked people who love their golden calfs. Like the generation of the golden calf, the Obama-Clinton generation will die off and hopefully yield a new generation of renewal for Israel.