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May 8, 2017 8:11 pm

‘You’re a Liar,’ Israeli Soldiers Tell Breaking The Silence Activist in Hard-Hitting New Video

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Members of the IDF’s Caracal battalion in training. Photo: Wiki Commons.

An Israeli veterans organization has released a hard-hitting new video attacking “Breaking the Silence” – an Israeli NGO that publishes what it says are the anonymous testimonies of Israeli soldiers who participated in abuses against Palestinians – for “lying” about an incident in which a Palestinian prisoner was allegedly beaten unconscious.

The group, Reservists on Duty, said that the original Hebrew version of the video had garnered one million views, triggering their decision to release it in English as well. “Organizations promoting BDS such as Students for Justice for Palestine use testimonies provided by Breaking the Silence to further their agenda of demonizing Israel and attempting to curtail Israel’s right to defend itself from murderous terror,” said Reservists on Duty Executive Director Amit Deri.

The video focuses on the claim of a Breaking the Silence activist, Dean Issacharoff, who claimed at a protest rally that he was compelled by his commanding officer to tie up and beat a Palestinian prisoner while his soldiers watched. “I grabbed him by the neck and started to knee him in the face and chest until he was bleeding and unconscious,” Issacharoff claimed.

The soldiers in the video, who served with Issacharoff in the army, strenuously deny his version of events. A number of them are filmed looking directly into the camera and telling Issacharoff, “you’re a liar.” Another soldier asks, “Where do you come up with this stuff?”

“Your soldiers trusted you and you spat on them,” says another.

Watch the video below:

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  • joshua1779

    I’m certain that Breaking The Silence “veterans” are handsomely paid for their lies. Disgusting traitors to their nation.

  • stannadel

    So has the IDF or the Israeli government launched an investigation into him for his self admitted criminal actions? He should be jailed, either for abusing a prisoner or for making slanderous accusations against his commander–one or the other has to be true.

  • Maurice Solovitz

    I do not understand this…your link to RT shows an American woman presenter who clearly is very ‘outraged’ referring to ‘forced eugenics program against Ethiopians’ and this is supposed to represent pro-Israel propaganda by Algemeiner?

  • Dafydd

    Firstly, Breaking the Silence is based on falsities. But they do not consider how they actually look if it is assumed they are telling the truth. If the terrible things they supposedly had to do were unacceptable in their own eyes, why did they do them? A real conscientious objector would have refused , and gone to jail. They chose to obey, and then blew the whistle on their military comrades in the comfort of anonymity . They say they were only following orders. We heard that song before in Nuremberg . They are cowards
    by their own reckoning, and who would believe the word of a coward? They are usually liars as well.

  • Fred

    A sad ,sad day to hear or read such perfidious story. To blacken Israel by its own treacherous lot.It is unbelievable that Jews lend themselves to become Judas goats & lead everyone to destruction. My heart is sad.

  • Noah Rosenblum

    Lying retards !!