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May 23, 2017 10:47 am

Linda Sarsour’s Bigoted Discourse at Dartmouth

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Linda Sarsour. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In a few days, Linda Sarsour — a defender of sharia law in the United States, and a fierce anti-Zionist — will give the commencement address at the School of Public Health at the City University of New York (CUNY).

Sarsour is well known as a feminist and liberal crusader. But her credentials as a women’s rights activist were tarnished after it was discovered that she posted an ugly tweet in 2011 that promoted contempt and violence toward Brigette Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, two activists who have advocated for women’s rights in Muslim-majority societies.

In the tweet, Sarsour declared that Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali were “asking for an a$$ whippin’” and wished that she could take their vaginas away because they “don’t deserve to be women.”

This tweet (which Sarsour eventually deleted, but not before it was captured and rebroadcast on a number of websites) was particularly offensive because Ali had been the victim of female genital mutilation (FGM), an abhorrent practice that is all-too-common in Muslim countries, particularly in North Africa.

FGM is particularly prevalent in Egypt, despite a government ban on the practice (that ban is supported by many imams in the country). Yet despite the ban, reports indicate that more than 90 percent of women between the ages of 15-49 in Egypt have been subjected to FGM.

Many Muslim intellectuals have condemned the practice, but it remains a huge public health issue, which makes Sarsour’s appearance at CUNY’s School of Public Health ironic, at the very least.

To be fair, after her Tweet was exposed, Sarsour condemned the practice of FGM. But, apparently, she has yet to accept full responsibility for broadcasting hostility towards Gabriel and Ali.

When Sarsour was confronted about the appropriateness of the tweet by a CAMERA student activist during a May 12, 2017, appearance at Dartmouth College, she tried to suggest that there was some uncertainty about whether or not she posted the tweet. To make matters worse, she then cited the skin color and gender of her questioner in order to justify evading the question.

That exchange was caught on video, and can be viewed here.

In the video, the student asks — reasonably enough, “under what circumstances is it acceptable to say that ‘I wish I could take their vaginas away. They don’t deserve to be women.’ Just to give that context, that was one of your tweets on your Twitter.”

After a moment’s pause, Sarsour declares, “So, let’s give some context here. This is an event organized by an Asian American, right? Let’s get some context to what’s going on. Celebrating a community. Talking about communities of color impacted at this moment and I have a young white man who is not directly impacted by any of the issues that I mentioned.”

This response, which sadly enough elicited a round of applause from the students at Dartmouth , reveals that when dealing with issues of human and women’s rights, Sarsour considers skin color to be of paramount importance in determining how she will answer the question, or as we shall see, whether she responds to the question at all.

By responding as she did, Sarsour suggested that the young man challenging her — because of his skin color — lacked the moral imagination to fully understand the issues being discussed at her talk. As a result, she suggested he had no right to ask a question or even speak at the event. Such rhetoric is deeply dehumanizing, racist and corrosive to civil society.

Sarsour then declared that her questioner was basing his question on a screenshot from a “right-wing blog,” the authenticity of which is questionable. She stated: “He doesn’t even know it if came from my Twitter account to see if it’s actually there. That never happened.”

Sarsour continued:

But let me say this to you. You’re college students. I was in my twenties and when was that? 2011? People say stupid shit sometimes, right? I will be judged by my impeccable track record for standing for black lives and immigrants’ rights and womens’ rights, LGBT rights. You judge me by that record and not by some tweet you think I did or did not tweet 10 years ago or seven years ago, whenever it was. So that’s my answer to your question. Next.

Sarsour seemed to admit that she posted the tweet in question — “People say stupid shit sometimes, right?” — but she refrained from openly admitting her guilt. Instead, she described the tweet in question as something she “did or did not” post.

It’s hard to decide which is more appalling — the dishonest and racist manner in which Sarsour evaded the question, or the two rounds of applause that she was given by the students at Dartmouth College during her response.

What is happening at our universities? Has the student body at Dartmouth, which charges more than $50,000 in annual tuition, failed to learn that attacking a person’s race and gender does not qualify as reasoned discourse, and that to do so is neither intellectual or liberal? Does Dartmouth really qualify as a place where the liberal arts are taught?

Or is it just a place where students are indoctrinated in the “smelly little orthodoxies” that Orwell warned us about in 1939?

In any event, the students at CUNY’s School of Public Health will have to determine how they will respond to Sarsour’s participation at their graduation. Hopefully, they will show more wisdom and intelligence than the students at Dartmouth.

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  • Erica Ling

    Alas, she is also a typical one.

  • Joseph Feld

    Graduation should be a happy family time with a top speaker who is not too controversial. I still recall Yale President Kingman Brewster speaking in 1969 at my Johns Hopkins graduation. He spoke brilliantly about educational issues and how best to respond. Ms Sarsour is totally wrong for the occasion. She sounds offensive and abusive, the last thing you want at a graduation service.

  • So let me get this straight: Linda makes a nasty comment dehumanising an African woman who has suffered from a malignant and barbaric practice, and then tells a white man who found this comment distasteful, that he shouldn’t be questioning her as he isn’t affected by any of “the issues” at this event? I have to say, I burst out laughing at her “responses”, given that they were a classic case in dodging. Indeed, these responses were worthy enough of a politician. In accordance with her alleged religious ethics, surely an admission of guilt, a full apology and some means of atonement would have been far more appropriate than singling out a question based on the race of the questioner?

  • Mark Beutler

    Would it have been so hard to say: “Yes, what I said was stupid. And I regret it now.”

    • Erica Ling

      Mark, it takes honesty, integrity and courage to admit one’s mistakes.

  • martin danenberg

    Linda Sarsour screwed up again. Check this out. The discovery of a mixed race woman in Germany about her family tree. My Nazi grandfather, Amon Goeth, would have shot me – BBC

    Video embedded · Media captionJennifer Teege said her Nazi grandfather would have had her killed Jennifer Teege was shocked to discover her grandfather was a Nazi concentration camp …

  • Lia

    Being (very) elderly, I was taught to call women ‘ladies’, but Miss Sarsour is rude and ill-mannered. She’s perhaps a woman, but not a lady.

    • Erica Ling

      As a woman, I feel ashamed to share the gender with people like Sarsour.

  • Forest Rain Marcia

    Linda Sarsour is not the problem. She can announce that it is impossible to be a Zionist and a feminist until she is blue in the face. She can say whatever she wants, that’s her right (because she is lucky enough to live in America). Frankly, I don’t care what she says.

    The problem is with all the people who listen and nod. The people who ponder her words as if they were worthy of consideration and discussion.

    The problem is with everyone who does not openly laugh in her face.


  • robert Davis

    This sarsour fatma is so stupid that her words and twits speak against her cause. Let her keep shooting at herself.

  • watsa46

    A new star of liberalism! The 21st century new version of Antisemitism.

  • Having a sharia law supporter speak at CUNY’s School of Public Health is unhealthy to public health.

  • enufizenuf

    Sarsour is no more a women’s rights activist than was John Wayne, but at least he was honest about his beliefs. For Sarsour feminism is merely an instrument she uses to push radical islam. She might as well be a paid spokesperson for the Muslim Brother/Sisterhood for the ideology she’s really pushing does not vary from theirs’ in any noticeable fashion. Her whole pretend show of courting Blacks has one purpose only, to help push an Islamic agenda upon the United States.

  • Bob Loblaw

    If there was a meeting in a college with a white speaker and he responded to a black student like “Uh you’re a black woman.. do you not see how black you are? this is a meeting for whites and the concerns white men have.” That would be the last dollar that group ever got from the college, and the speaker would be thrown off campus and barred for life. But because this is 2017, students are taught to normalize their hatred of white people and racist statements as long as they are against whites is just par for the course.

    • Erica Ling

      Anti white racism is now obligatory for career advancement, especially in the Fields of Academia.

  • BooBooBaby

    This woman is such a disgusting Racist!
    Funny thing is that she looks White herself…..I bet if she had a DNA test she would be at least 90% or more White (Caucasian)! And one of the woman that she said that nasty tweet about was black! Why doesn’t someone throw that in her face!?
    She makes me sick!
    Liberals are totally Brainwashed Unhinged Uniformed Uneducated Violent Jealous Triggered Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob Hypocrite Snowflakes! And they’re So Intolerant! This Must Stop!

    Thank you for posting this. I never heard of this site before today. I really love it.

    • Erica Ling

      Try Gatestone Institute as well. They also have some brilliant in depth news and analyses by people around the world. Like Algemeiner they print news that mainstream media ignores, from the source.

  • Josh Pactor

    Trump says stupid stuff too. I guess according to her standard, he gets a pass too? Or maybe because he’s a white male, he’s going to be held to a different standard. Gotta love how the left thinks!

  • dan

    Islam is not to be loved EXCEPT to tell them the gospel truth . http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/1081/1081_01.asp
    Liberals are as much to blame .They embrace them and welcome them
    .Liberals hate christian without any claim of being christianophobia ISLAM HATE CHRISTIANS AND KILLS THEM

    • Erica Ling

      “Islamophobia ” was a cynical recycling of a word by activists at the Runnymede Trust to deflect, delegitimise any and all criticism of policies relating to Muslim immigration or problems arising from it. If we all begin using Christianophobia in a similar manner, it would be as valid.