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May 19, 2013 8:48 pm

Netanyahu: We Will Act With ‘Determination and Sagacity’ to Ensure ‘Security of Israeli Citizens’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In his remarks at the opening of the Israeli government’s weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the issue of regional turmoil, asserting that  the security of Israel’s citizens topped his government’s agenda.

“The Government of Israel is working responsibly and with determination and sagacity, in order to ensure the supreme interest of the State of Israel – the security of Israeli citizens,” he said.

The Prime Minister specified that the transfer of advanced weapons to terror groups was of primary concern. He pledged to “prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah and to [other] terrorist elements.”

Netanyahu’s statements follow a surprise visit to the country by CIA chief John Brennan, whose visit was reported to have been prompted by U.S. concern over alleged Israeli activity in Syria aimed at preventing the flow of weapons from Syria to terror group Hezbollah.

Netanyahu also unveiled two economic initiatives at the cabinet meeting. He announced plans “to issue a tender for an additional, new port in the State of Israel,” and following his recent trip to China, unveiled a strategy to enhance bilateral economic co-operation with the emerging superpower.

“Regarding China,” he said, “I agreed with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang that we would establish two committees, a Chinese committee and an Israeli ministerial committee, in order to reduce the bureaucracy for Israeli companies competing in China and in order to submit various projects by Israeli experts and Israeli companies throughout China, and most likely outside China, in third countries.”

Netanyahu has said recently that he expects Chinese-Israeli annual trade to reach $10 billion.

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  • Am Y’srael chai! Long live Prime Minister Netanyahu! HaShem ADONAI Elohim YHVH is always with you and with the people of Israel, ADONAI’s chosen people for all times. ADONAI yimloch le olam vaed! Amein.

  • E.S.Lombard

    I mean no disrespect to either party, but the Chinese are probably at an advantage in business dealings and Israel should not presume for a second that it is China’s match in strategic thinking. Not for a second or we will be blindsided quickly. Just a word of caution.

    • jerry hersch

      Israel will do what it must in its own interests.
      Israels trade with China is already large…China supplies 7 to 8 % of Israels imports and probably has a short/mid term goal of 10-11%. On the export side only 4-5 % of Israels exports go to ‘China’ an additional 8% of Israels exports go to Hong Kong.
      It is true any export splash from China could inundate Israel..but the Chinese are aware of this- their view is long termm and is already looking beyond the oil and gas of the MidEast to a higher plane tech driven economy.
      China needs also a full introduction through other doors to the business networks Jewish owned businessses have created worldwide.
      Indo- and Sino- business networks are at a far lower stage of development for a fast moving world.
      And to top it off -Israel is a sea of economic tranquility in an area in turmoil.

  • jerry hersch

    Anshel Pfeffer has a good assessment of the situation


    In his last paragraph he concurs with my opinion of an Assad move to the coast
    “The Russian Navy has a long-term lease for use of Syria’s Tartus port and is the only Russian military presence currently in the Mediterranean basin. Even if the regime in Damascus falls, an Alawite rump state would probably remain for a while along the coast, with Tartus at its heart. Both Assad and the Russians have a joint strategic interest in defending that bit of coast.”

    But I feel that both Assad and Hezbollah have no regard to Lebanon’s sovereignty and will subsume it into a coastal entity.
    The remainder of Syria may become Balkanized-if so,Israel must make hard decisions.Recognition,in that event,of an Independent Druze nation in its traditional area in southern Syria from the Syrian Golan area across southern Syria would be a buffer for both Israel and Jordan -especially if the two nations act to protect Druze sovereignty.
    Israel must decide NOW if it wishes to incur the heavy costs of protecting the independence of Lebanon from becoming part of an Assad/Hezbollah state.
    The coastal areas of Syria are beyond Israel’s reach -it would be up to Turkey to possibly intervene to protect its interests and create a zone of ‘peace’.The areas adjacent to a inland from the Syrian coast are ethnic Arabized-Turk…from the Idlib area to Aleppo.we can only assume that if Syria didintegrates this will be Turkeys area of concern.
    All the Russain and Iranian activity seem centered on Assad maintaining the Alawite litoral coast.

  • EthanP

    Note that the Obama administration is concerned about Israeli actions. If only they were that concerned about Syrian, Iranian, Russian or Chinese actions.

  • Dafna Yee

    At this point, I don’t have any faith in Netanyahu’s promise to protect Israeli citizen’s when he is still considering working with Israel’s sworn enemies.