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November 24, 2014 3:36 pm

No Let-Up: More UNRWA Employees, Including School Principals, Laud Jerusalem Synagogue Slaughter

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The Facebook page of Mamoun Abunaser, an UNRWA school principal in Syria, carries an exhortation to support Palestinian "resistance." Image: Facebook

Further examples of officials employed by UNRWA engaging in anti-Semitic activities online continue to surface, with no indication that the international organization’s management intends to clamp down on the incitement.

As The Algemeiner reported last week, several UNRWA employees were among the many Palestinians who openly celebrated last Tuesday’s terrorist atrocity at a synagogue in Jerusalem, during which four worshippers and a police officer were brutally murdered.

UNRWA is a body devoted solely to Palestinian Arab refugees from the 1948 war as well as their descendants who, unlike the children of refugees in other conflict situations, legally inherit refugee status. A large number of its employees are themselves Palestinian and use their positions to engage in political activism, including the promotion of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred.

Popular Jewish blogger Elder of Ziyon, who first reported the online celebrations of UNRWA employees after last week’s atrocity, has uncovered further evidence of educators employed by the agency engaging in incitement:

Abu Mohammed al-Madhoun is also an UNRWA school principal, heading a school in Gaza . He has this cartoon on his Facebook page, showing a caricature of a religious Jew being imprisoned in a box that is locked with the symbolic Palestinian Arab key.

Luay Shehab is a UNRWA school principal in Nablus. He triumphantly shows photos of dead Israelis on his Facebook page.

The caption says “Oh Allah, make the number of their dead as [every time a Muslim says] “Amen”!

Hassan Zeghan, isn’t a principal; he is only a UNRWA teacher in Hebron. But notably he uses this as his profile picture:

He is also a fan of  Hamas‘ Qassam Brigades:

And another photo of his gunslinging idols in Hamas:

Neither the UN nor any of the international donors to the Palestinian Authority have demanded that UNRWA employees cease using social media to attack the Jewish state. Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, widely viewed as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, is visiting the Middle East this week and has meetings scheduled with UNRWA officials, though it is unclear whether she will raise this specific issue. Warren is regarded as supportive of Israel, having declared prior to her 2012 Senate run that  “The United States must continue to ensure that Israel can defend itself from terrorist organizations and hostile states, including Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and others.”

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  • David Barrett

    I have said it once and I shall say it again . The person responsible and who should be held up in court is non other than Ban Ki-Moon who permits this detestable behaviour by UN workers.
    He is a disgrace to his position and his country.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Are you talking about the United Nations of Arabia? I am noticing a pronounced silence from US President Hussein.

    It would appear the arabs are readying for war (apparently they have started the Third Intifada without a proper announcement). In that case, it would be great if Israel responded with a Scorched Earth policy. Introducing the arabs to Mr. Napalm would seem to be in order. After all, they love to play with fire.

  • steven L

    The US congress must defund UNRWA.

  • Mati

    These activities are trashing the activities of other UN organizations elsewhere. Like UNHCR which continues to support refugees and displaced people in many conflict-ridden areas of our troubled world- in the Middle East, Africa, Asia. Ban Ky Moon needs to openly condemn UNRWA,s current anti-Israel incitements and activities. The people of Israel need to petition their government to replace UNRWA with another option for assisting Gazan civilians. UNRWA continues to influence Palestinians to dream backwards. Its policies and actions keep Palestinian ‘refugees’in ‘captivity’. The UN system needs to be overhauled -and UNRWA is the urgent place to start. It is time to wake up and face reality.

  • Tom Porter

    It will wax worse and worse for both Jews and Christians, the later being butchered by Islam, Hindi and Communist states by the tens of thousands worldwide each year. Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth. But, his time is short. One can almost hear the footsteps of Moshiach.


    just turn off the water and electricity to gaza for a few weeks and lets see what happens

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Either they go or Israel goes.

    There’s no other choice.

    Bring back Ariel Sharon’s Unit 101.

    Destroying their homes means nothing when a grandmother of a killer can be proud of her grandson and give out candy.

    Israel is doing something wrong and its time they started diappearing.

    • Jo-Ann Silverstein

      Dear Mr.Levy,
      I think you are losing “it”. Get a grip on yourself and change your medication. You are definitely not keeping up on the world situations. People like you should be the ones who should be disappearing. Not Israel you foolish fellow.

      • Bill Channon

        “Not Israel you foolish fellow.” <—- chuckle -kind words.

      • Peter Shalen

        He didn’t say Israel ought to disappear. He said Israel is in danger of disappearing if UNRWA is allowed to continue on its present course.

  • Billy Bumps

    The United Nations in its entirety must be persona-
    non-grata in the United States……it isn’t just a bastion
    of liars and self servers….it is also the witches brew
    of conflict and disorder……Who besides themselves
    need them?…no one in their right mind…..THROW
    the whole free loading bunch OUT!!!!!!!!